The Face.

I was lost in the woods, unable to find my destination. I decided to walk towards the light. Towards the rising sun.

I could hear all sorts of sounds; birds twittering, frogs croaking, twigs snapping and sounds I couldn’t recognize. I look up and notice birds leaving their nests. Probably to find food for themselves and their offspring.

Winding Road

Winding Road

Was I taking the right road? I could feel faith leaving me. I take a turn and I meet a figure taller than me, I could barely see his face, his head was covered with a hood made of animal skin. I ask him for the way, he tells me to go straight ahead. I keep walking on only to find more miles added on to my path. But was it mine?

I see a woman slowly approaching her prey. Closing in for the kill. Feral. I call out to her. Freeze, turn, snarling and curses at me. I cost her a meal. Unaffected, I ask her about the way forward. She throws her head back, lustrous long hair falling down and tells me to take another path. The current one just won’t do.

The new path takes me deeper into the woods; I hear frightening noises and see shady shadows hidden right behind every leaf. I start running forward but only to fall into a ditch. I couldn’t remember for how long was I in the ditch. Presently, a man helps me out. He asks me to go back the way I had come. I do as he asks. I find open ground. Thirsty. I find a pond with a moon in it.

A dirty and bloodied face stare back at me as I bend down to drink from the pond. Startled, I fall back. Heart pounding. I approach the face in the pond. Or was it the moon? I see his mouth forming words and my ears recreating them, “Why take the road travelled by others. Find yours”.

I hear someone call my name. The misty dreams fades and reality takes shape. I desperately try to snatch back my fast fading dream. It escapes my memory’s feeble efforts. But I remember one thing and one thing only. The face in the pond right next to the moon.

Written by me!
Edited by Casey Nestor Fernandez
To read the previous version visit : The Right Path 

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3 Responses to “The Face.”

  1. paulworthingtonjr Says:

    So many roads to travel. Like the character in the story, I like the road less traveled. Great post.

  2. Rittu J Jacob Says:

    Thank you Paul,

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    […] fact, there were a few who doubted my creation, they thought I stole it from Readers’ Digest. I challenged them to find the source, of […]

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