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Never Fight Corruption!!!

April 3, 2013

I pity Ganesh who had to resign over household issues
I pity the CM for not listening to a woman’s plea
I pity the Chief Whip to have brought this issue to the media
I pity the source who published images of the brutal home assault on a minister
I pity the media for not supporting an able  minister
I pity the media for making a minister look worse than a laughing stock
I pity the police who didn’t file an FIR on time
I pity Ganesh’s father who doesn’t miss a chance to dethrone his child
I pity the opposition who makes fuses over personal matters
I pity the system which gives youth the wrong message
I pity the public for following the news everyday
I pity myself for even writing this!!!!
Never fight corruption, because the world will turn against you!!!


The Sound of God

April 1, 2013

The water was flowing rapidly, the knife was staring at me, and I could see my weary face yelling to end this quickly. I took the knife, I wanted to cry, but my tear glands refused even the tiniest of drops. Memories started flashing in front of me.

I had spent four years in Chennai, bearing the heat of the city I kept learning the formula and shortcuts to crack the countries premier and hardest test, JEEE, I didn’t make in the list when the results were announced. I wasn’t disappointed. I decided to continue my vigil for another year.

Sound of GodI came home and saw my mother after almost a year, she was in tears to see me, I had lost weight and my eyes revealed that I haven’t slept for days. I told my decision, my parents were supportive. I decided to continue studies without joining any coaching centers; I had 100 of books which I had collected over the years to practice.

I followed the routine that I had practiced over the years in Chennai which now became a habit, I would wake up at four everyday even if I wanted to sleep more, I would open the books and go through each problems which I would have already practiced a 100 times, the only difference I had at home was my mothers home made food, my dad used to work out of town, I would meet him once in a week. Even that was out of the question as he would be busy visiting his friends and relatives and with Church activities..

Days and months passed away, my routine hardly changed, I would go to church once or twice a month to attend the Holy Mass, there were no common faces to see which kept me away from Church as well.

The day arrived, I was well prepared for the exams, I recalled all the important formula and theorems, I could see the equation right in front of me when I wanted to. Exam went well. It was Passion Week, mother asked me to attend the Passion Week services, I attended the services everyday, but my mind was wandering around the corners of IIT Kanpur, the green lawns, the fountains, the city, the railway station.

The result day, I went to the nearest internet café as there was no electricity at home, I checked the list, shivers ran through my entire body, my roll no was missing. I checked again and again only to hammer down the nail stuck in my heart.

Images vanished; the bathroom was now filled with gallons of water, the knife still staring. There was no one at home. It was a weekday, mother had gone out to buy things for home, and I hadn’t told her about the day of result as I wanted to give my parents the happy news of me getting into IIT. I drew the knife closer to my left hand, my right hand shivering.  Suddenly I heard a sound, “…..IIT results announced doesn’t reflect the complete list due to server error; students are advised to check again”.It was the Television.

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