Never Fight Corruption!!!

I pity Ganesh who had to resign over household issues
I pity the CM for not listening to a woman’s plea
I pity the Chief Whip to have brought this issue to the media
I pity the source who published images of the brutal home assault on a minister
I pity the media for not supporting an able  minister
I pity the media for making a minister look worse than a laughing stock
I pity the police who didn’t file an FIR on time
I pity Ganesh’s father who doesn’t miss a chance to dethrone his child
I pity the opposition who makes fuses over personal matters
I pity the system which gives youth the wrong message
I pity the public for following the news everyday
I pity myself for even writing this!!!!
Never fight corruption, because the world will turn against you!!!


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2 Responses to “Never Fight Corruption!!!”

  1. Sebin Abraham Jacob Says:

    I strongly object your bottom line. You have to see things in perspective. Ability to administer is a different thing and committing a crime is a different thing. His assault on Yamini is a crime, to which, he should be booked for. Then there is the issue of breach of contract and breach of trust. The relationship between husband and wife is a relationship of trust and a contractual obligation. If you want to practice polygamy or indulge in orgy you may do so only after signing off from the formal wedlock. Unless, why ought you marry in the first instance?

  2. Rittu J Jacob Says:

    The assault on either of them hasn’t yet been proved in the court. Both of them allege assaults on each other. Probably there are truth on either side, but what I have learned from tv reports n paper reports (obviously written in favor of Ganesh) that these things went public to make him resign, hence my bottom line.

    If this is how you get a minister resign if he doesn’t listen to the party, I am afraid that tomorrow a youth who wants to work ethically within the system wouldn’t even care to enter the system.

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