From Anger to Sadness

The moment I opened the Facebook and saw three players caught in spot-fixing made the cricket fan in me angry; I just couldn’t control it and I went on a roll on fb updating status and going through various media reports, only to make me angrier. A few days later the anger has transpired to sadness.

One could understand non-capped players getting involved in spot-fixing, but why would a talent who didn’t know its worth take a million rupees to bowl a few bad deliveries deliberately ? Someone who has been part of two World Cup winning XI, should have ideally never fallen into the greed trap.

Every players who plays in IPL has the opportunity to make millions through just playing pure cricket. As a panelist in Timesnow rightly pointed out , a true cricket fan will take , love  and sex involved in the cricket’s richest league, but not dokha.

May be dhoka was always part of IPL cricket. When India’s captain took over 15 runs in IPL in the third edition against Kings XI, to enter the semi finals we suspected it, but then we believed he could take over 20 in a over if required because he has the skills. When an Indian bowler bowled a no ball to gift CSK a win, we thought it was because of pressure even when it was very clear as the batsman was celebrating the moment he hit the bowl.

All we hope is that the cricket be played in the right spirit, matches may not be fixed but an over fixed in the shorter format is equal to fixing the whole tournament.


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