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The Dream of a million

June 7, 2013

When everyone turned the project down, there were a few who had the hope that the project would go live.  I am one among those few who knew it would only be a matter of years for the pilling of Kochi Metro to start.

PillingToday the dream of a million will become a reality when our Chief Minster will inaugurate the pilling through video feed from the site so as to avoid traffic block . KMRL  has even invited the general public to be part of inauguration inspired from the public involvement culture shown by DMRC .

Just like the government coordinated with DMRC to complete preparatory works such as flyovers and road development on time. Let us hope that the coordination remain as strong as it is so that the civil works completes in 2 years as promised by DMRC and KMRL. And let us support the way we supported both the organizations by obeying the new traffic regulations set by them.


The Hypocrite Environmentalist

June 5, 2013

There was times , when I would wait for the World Environment day to come so that I could participate in events vouching for environment protection. Looking back at those days I realize that I am a hypocrite.  May be . we all are ; we would talk on environment endlessly but forget to switch off a fan or light.

Today, world over, people would plant trees, take public transportation for a change, go for rallies, co-ordinate events and what not. I wonder if that would make a difference when we hardly care for environment for the next 364 days.

True environmentalist are those who care about their nearby surrounding every second. It’s not a World Environment Day which makes an impact but every second in your life . Let’s us strive to be a true environmentalist and not a hypocrite.

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