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Lazy #Hartal Day

July 10, 2013

You don’t have to go through this, if you are not my friend. A hartal in Kerala means you are at home 9 out of 10 times. Today was no different. I woke up at 8 :00 am thanks to Casey who calls and asks , “Is today Hartal”. Idiot couldn’t you just look at the papers ? I would have slept till 10 otherwise. 

I went through my routine of reading the newspaper before brushing . I was very surprised to read India won by 80 odd runs. It’ has become a habit for this side to win games. I was wondering what would I do today; cycling was an option but the sound of the rains made me rethink. My computer was fixed yesterday, hence I decided to watch Vishwaroopam to find out why did it create so much of a fuss, only to find out that US should have banned the movie for showing Mr. Bush’s image used in shooting range of Jihadis!! 

Then I saw The Truman show, I have to say it’s a good movie. I think we are living in a world controlled by people in power!!!. That was it, I couldn’t afford to watch another movie. The rain took a break,  hence I decided to take my cycle out.  Usually I take the earphones to avoid onlookers thinking I am nuts as I have the habit of talking to myself while cycling. 

It was a while since I rode a cycle. It felt good though, I decided to go around Kaloor stadium . I saw a few running around , I must say they take excercise seriously as it was close to dark. Then there was the street vendor selling hot mullakku bhaji . The beer shop was open, hartal meant business for them!!! It started dripping again, it was time to end cycling and writing. 

P.S: This is no where near to what I intended to write !!!  

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