Is this #Cricket ?

I can understand 350 being chased down once, but twice in the same series, that’s absurd. And then you witness a #8 batsman scoring 30 in an over to win you a watch and the same guy goes on to make the fastest century by an Australian in another match.  I thought Gilchrist was the most dangerous batsman Australia has ever produced. Now, here comes someone known for bowling, hitting sixes at will.

To top it all, except for one odd match, teams have scored over 300 in their innings. I thought 275 was a decent score.

Partnerships at the rate of double digits. Ninth wicket partnerships at 7.75 runs per over. That’s just killing the game. I think bowlers are paid to give away runs. Grounds may be small, but sixes going over the roof of the stadium, what are these bats made of ? I think it’s safer to hit a six these days than taking a single.

I can’t remember scoring these many runs in a series while playing EA Sports Cricket 07!!! Cricket used to be a game between bat and ball, now all that matters is the wood in your hand and not the leather.

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