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New Year Resolutions

December 24, 2013

I know, the moment you hear and see the words, “New Year Resolutions”. It sounds too cliche.  It does, but I think, some of the resolutions do work.

I can give you an example from my own life. The first time I took a resolution was in 2011 where my Facebook status read, “Resolution for the year : Spend time with friends” and I did. In 2011 I worked for 5 months with my close friends 🙂 . I was spending more time with my friends than at home. In 2012 & 2013 , I didn’t take resolutions and time went by without memories to cherish.

Coming 2014, I am going to take a resolution which my close friends would rather not believe in it, but I have proved it . I can prove it once again. So the resolution for 2014 is ……



Guess what, on January 1st 2014, I am leaving to Wayanad for three days. On January 31st 2014 I will be leaving to Bangalore. This might be the best beginning  of a year dedicated to travelling.

#Cochin Half Marathon 2013

December 17, 2013

Excitement is what I always crave for, when the marathon was announced I thought I will give it a shot for the 7 km fun run.  Now 7 km is long, one has to practice a bit to know how tough it would be. I started practicing from yesterday attempting 3km / day and I planned to increase it by a km every day. Today I went for a longer distance not really knowing how much I will end up covering, when I looked at the google maps. I was in for a shock .

My Route

I was able to complete the 7 km mainly by walking , but I guess I jogged for at least half an hour , that might be half the distance. This is going to be my training route till the marathon. I hope before the race day I would be able to jog the complete route to and fro.

P.S: I can’t even walk properly. Taking the stairs is a nightmare.

Beware of #AamAadmi !!!

December 13, 2013

It won’t be long when the political parties in India will have to fear the common people. In spite of the debut victory of AAP, mainstream political parties are yet to learn the lessons. I can’t believe how dumb CPI (M) is, organizing protests in front of cliff house where CM resides and in his absence. No wonder we saw an “Aam Aadmi”  firing at the leaders who went speechless.

Today we see elected representatives of the Kerala legislative assembly belonging to the Congress party ignoring an elder woman.


Hello Politicians, beware of Aam Aadmi, we are taking stock of what you are up to, you won’t sit on that chair we gave you.
Listen to us or else you shall perish.

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