#Cochin Half Marathon 2013

Excitement is what I always crave for, when the marathon was announced I thought I will give it a shot for the 7 km fun run.  Now 7 km is long, one has to practice a bit to know how tough it would be. I started practicing from yesterday attempting 3km / day and I planned to increase it by a km every day. Today I went for a longer distance not really knowing how much I will end up covering, when I looked at the google maps. I was in for a shock .

My Route

I was able to complete the 7 km mainly by walking , but I guess I jogged for at least half an hour , that might be half the distance. This is going to be my training route till the marathon. I hope before the race day I would be able to jog the complete route to and fro.

P.S: I can’t even walk properly. Taking the stairs is a nightmare.

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