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A few points to #Indian Political Parties!!!

May 17, 2014
  1. Get rid of Mrs. Gandhi and Gandhi family, Congress need leaders not dynasty rulers.
  2. BJP, read The Hindu editorial; preserve the idea of India.
  3. Left, may be you should take a cue from China, welcome the corporate and the rich, everyone can co-exist in 21st Century.
  4. AAP, don’t let the defeat demoralize you, we need you to keep a check on national parties. Four is a good number.

What #elections2014 and #exitpolls convey!!!

May 13, 2014
  1. Firstly India is not a secular country. Most media houses have divided the votes on the basis of religion.
  2. Better the marketing used by political parties the better the chances of making the Government. Mr. Modi has occupied the screen space more than any Indian politician.
  3. Exit polls can be biased based on media’s likeliness of a particular political party. (Different channels different seat allocations for UPA and NDA)
  4. Congress will be a minority. Chances of UPA coming to power is not even in the dreams of Congress party workers. (Evident from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi organizing farewell party to Mr. Manmohan Singh and USA appointing diplomats known to favor Mr. Modi and BJP. Mr. Gandhi openly admitting that he will not support a third front)
  5. India will soon rise as a major power with aggressive intent for development and against terrorism.

P.S : What worries the Indians who consider India first before his/her religion is will BJP and NDA disrupt the peace existing in many parts of the country. Hopefully they will concentrate on development and not destruction.

Jai Hind.

Raining and Raining #Kochi

May 8, 2014

I have been eagerly waiting for the climate to cool a bit and my wish has been granted by mother nature. Weather predictions said monsoons will be delayed in Kerala. I wasn’t surprised after all the rains last year.

Somehow the universe has gifted us rains, but reading the destruction it has caused to farmers and property. I now wish the rains to subsidise and the Sun to shine bright in a less humid weather.

To #write or not to.

May 5, 2014

Over the few months whenever I felt like writing I have been facing the problem, most of the times I have decided not to write.

Here are the following weird reasons.

  1. The moment I publish a post, my awesome grammar Nazi friends would have identified 50 mistakes in a 100 word post.
  2. I am afraid if the law would take it course and put me behind bars
  3.  Sometimes people would tell, this are things you write in a diary and not in a blog.

Filtering all the aspects and writing a post satisfying everyone is almost impossible. Hence I chose not to write, why now, I felt like writing and I didn’t have any topics to write. May be this would help.  Aaah miss writing!!! 

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