To #write or not to.

Over the few months whenever I felt like writing I have been facing the problem, most of the times I have decided not to write.

Here are the following weird reasons.

  1. The moment I publish a post, my awesome grammar Nazi friends would have identified 50 mistakes in a 100 word post.
  2. I am afraid if the law would take it course and put me behind bars
  3.  Sometimes people would tell, this are things you write in a diary and not in a blog.

Filtering all the aspects and writing a post satisfying everyone is almost impossible. Hence I chose not to write, why now, I felt like writing and I didn’t have any topics to write. May be this would help.  Aaah miss writing!!! 

One Response to “To #write or not to.”

  1. akhilunplugged Says:

    You’re an idiot.

    P.S. Let’s see how you’re going to ban me from your blog now.

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