A work in Progress!!!

If everything goes well and as planned,  with in a year, I will have something credible to show to the world. It would be majorly a work of fiction with situations I have and I would face in life. It has been my dream to write something and get it published . I am not really sure whether it would be worth enough to be published but considering the amount of calls I get from Penguin to finish the work I might just do.

Surprised ? Don’t be ….Penguin has the self publishing option where you have to pay to get the book published !!! 😀 I had registered for it a few months ago and now I get calls fortnightly, obviously for them it’s a sales call, for me it’s a motivational call to complete the work.

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One Response to “A work in Progress!!!”

  1. absolutevoid Says:

    Get going. Finish it first and get it published.

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