Nationalism ?

The talk of nationalism baffles me to a great extent. We now live in a connected and open world. We work for firms spread across the globe. In spite of all this, the love for our country should come first. You never decided in which country to be born.  It was a mere coincidence. There was a time when I would think to fight for my country in times of war. Now I realize, wars are a result of propaganda decided by governments.

You are currently reading my post on a blog created by an American. You saw my post on Facebook, again created by an American.

You should be proud of them too. They have opened the world. I am sure you are thinking that we Indians also have made things to be proud of, yes I am proud of them too, even Patanjali. They have provided jobs to many, provided people with the opportunity to do business. Their ads boasts about nationalism and patriotism to attract customers. Their strategy is good.


Nationalism is defined as an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.  Do we really require that? Don’t we watch football matches played by clubs where players from different countries are part of? We even have an IPL that has the same concept. The Internet has helped us understand people from different countries. We are not so different; everyone needs food, shelter, and jobs. The basic needs are same all over the world.

When farmers are dying, we enforce flag hoisting ceremonies in schools, when children die, government orders celebrations. Governments spend their valuable time over debating over a movie, they even have time to bring an ordinance to ban a movie. Who are you trying to please?.

Kerala is one of the places in the world that has welcomed cultures around the globe. For some atrocities of a few men, a whole state is targeted. A surgical strike on a state? have we stooped so low that a state which considers everyone as equal gets targeted for petty political gains?. Visit Kerala, this is one the best places to live and express your feelings and release your movies.

Let’s start considering humanity first. We all are the global citizens of the world. When we start understanding the people instead of our governments, there will be peace on earth.


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