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Lessons from riding a bike.

December 23, 2017

I always wanted to ride a bike. It was for me the easiest form of exercise which I can be consistent with. I decided to buy a bike, that was last December.

Montra -Bike

Here’s my bike with my partner in fitness @Ann Rose; she is an inspiration. She runs daily. I got the motivation to bike every day from her.

Almost a year had passed by where I would take my bike out on weekly rides. I knew deep down I was missing something. I knew I could ride every day. A month ago, I was added to a WhatsApp group created by Gokul. The group has primarily members from Decathalon Fun Riders club. We started slowly, the real change was visible when Arun and Anand joined us. For them riding 50 km was easy, for me 20 km was difficult. Today I completed 42 km. It felt effortless.  I can do more. Here are some of my experiences during everyday rides.

Pedal Kochi

Arun , Anand and I at Pedal Kochi

Learning to greet complete strangers. 

This happened a week into the rides. We were taking a break from a ride and a few youngsters belonging to bike club whizzed past us. All of them said, “Good morning”. I was so happy the entire day. I said to myself. I have to learn from the kids.

Sharing knowledge and motivating others

I never knew Kochi had such a group of enthusiastic riders, every day I would meet someone new on the road. We would talk for a few minutes and exchange experiences. I started learning a lot about cycling from them. I met a couple, they are perhaps older than my parents. They have already done BRMs, I was thinking when will I do one. Today I met Manoj, owner of Bike Tales and his colleague Akhil; Akhil had already done BRM 400 and I guess BRM 600 too. They are participating in BRM 200 in Kochi early next year. They asked me to enroll too.  Fingers crossed.

Couple I met

Long rides are a norm for them

INR 20000 bikes

My friends would always say, I spent a lot on a bike. I bought a Montra blues 1.1,  which cost me roughly about INR 20,000.  Today I would say, it’s probably a good decision as a starter. My next ride could easily cost beyond INR 50,000. Bikes aren’t expensive once you start riding and understanding more about bikes. During one of our rides,  I met an elderly person who was selling lottery tickets. He was very keen seeing our rides, we started talking and we came to know from him that he bought a Raleigh in 1956 for INR 50 at a time when his annual income wasn’t probably that much.

I will stop now, there’s more to learn. Every day is a new lesson for me. If you are in Kochi and you want to join us for rides. Ping me on Facebook. We can ride together.  Or you could also join through WhatsApp. 





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