My year in Review 2017

Facebook deceives, so here’s an honest review.

Cover Pic

That’s me being me,  I have got to reduce my tummy.  Pic courtesy: Arjun Balachandran

Let’s talk about me.

This has been a year where I have made the most number of friends ever in my life.  Facebook might give you a wrong number. I know the ones who I can count for. I know the ones who will count me. A friend in need is a friend indeed.  Invest in friendship and it will reap benefits beyond your imagination.  I thought of creating a collage. That will probably take a day to fit everyone in. I will rest the case. You can always look at my album.


Getting promoted was the best highlight of the year. I was able to rediscover myself and bring in the AIESEC elements in me to work. An ambassador program with over 35 volunteers was the next big thing at work. Leading them was such a pleasure. We achieved our objective in a very short time. I also got the opportunity to deliver leadership connect session to a large audience. The learning experience in these two activities easily outweighs the rest of the year.


The Ambassadors


I have already posted a blog on it so I will keep it short and crisp. I found a new love of cycling. It’s a new addiction in my life.  Guess what, Strava has made an amazing video. Strava doesn’t deceive. It’s all the calories I have burned pedaling my bike in and around Kochi.


I guess this is something I need work on.  Many of my friends have got married or are in a relationship. Some of their stories are scary. I guess it’s better to stay single. That’s me being a bit defensive.


Things look promising stepping into 2018. I was with my friends in MG road sipping hot chocolate aka boost when the crackers announced the new year.  Today morning I was with my friend driving my happiness who turns 2 tomorrow.

That was 2017 in a nutshell. I hope to write more in 2018.  This perhaps is a perfect start.


My Happiness





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