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The Hypocrite Environmentalist

June 5, 2013

There was times , when I would wait for the World Environment day to come so that I could participate in events vouching for environment protection. Looking back at those days I realize that I am a hypocrite.  May be . we all are ; we would talk on environment endlessly but forget to switch off a fan or light.

Today, world over, people would plant trees, take public transportation for a change, go for rallies, co-ordinate events and what not. I wonder if that would make a difference when we hardly care for environment for the next 364 days.

True environmentalist are those who care about their nearby surrounding every second. It’s not a World Environment Day which makes an impact but every second in your life . Let’s us strive to be a true environmentalist and not a hypocrite.

The Legendary Cycle gets Stolen!!!

November 17, 2009

You would never ever imagine that my legendary 10 year old rusty cycle got stolen last night. Oops bit exaggerated I am ,Let me count 9th std was when I bought it,  it’s a six year old but in really bad condition.

The cycle has a legend to say, you would never think that at least a 100 people would have rode my cycle .The cycle has witnessed at least 2 cycle rallies , both covering around 200 KM each. I would have touched almost 50K  Km if the cycle had a speedometer. My friends used to crib on me for riding the cycle where ever I go , even when I meet my school friends . I would in most cases be on my old cycle .

They are gonna surprised next time when they see me with out the cycle. Who ever it may be , he is a sick guy , the cycle doesn’t even have one of the pedals. How could he possibly whack my cycle.  I guess he didn’t see my cycle at night.

Just to make sure the cycle is still in my house . I even checked out upsatairs . Hangover !@!@! . But unfortunately it wasn’t there 😦

October 24th, 2009.

October 19, 2009

This day is been chosen as the International Day for Climate Action. People all over the world will be taking steps to bring down the carbon emissions to 350 ppm. Supporting the same, students of Toch H Institute is organizing an event at Darbar Hall Ground at 7 am in the morning. All of the Kochi Citizens are kindly requested to assemble there for the same half an hour prior.

The program[ 3arth Need5 Y0u] on the day is as follows:-

07.00am – Marathon starts

07.30am – Cycling starts

08.30am – Converging in Dharbar Hall Ground and formation of ‘HUMAN 350’

09.00am – Inaugural function

09.45am –  Painting campaign starts

10.00am – Cultural events

11.30am –  Campaign concludes

12 noon –    Closing ceremony

12.30pm – Green disperse
Spread the word to the World. We need actions to protect our one and only home. “The Earth.”

Also visit :-

World Environment Day. A Recap..!!!

June 5, 2009

I was traveling to my college to collect the Migration application form , I saw school students  carrying pluck  cards. I wondered why they did. I suddenly realized my mistake. Today was World Environment Day. Last year on the same day. I was part of a cycle rally spreading awareness on Environment. Today I didn’t even remember that.

I should go back and practice all those green activities I used to do ..!!!

Earth Hour…Kochi Switch off!!!!!!!!

March 27, 2009



Smaller action taken now would prove big tomorrow. Remember the End is Near but we can make push it further.

Time :- 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Date:-   28th March 2009

For more details and registration visit Earth Hour

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