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The Indian cricket fan is upset

January 6, 2013

A home test series loss, followed by a tied T20 series and an ODI series loss against arch rivals Pakistan! Isn’t this enough for selectors for a complete overhaul;Why do you persist with non performers?. This isn’t professionalism, this is too much optimism on players!

You get fired in the corporate world for non performance, here the pride of our country is at stake and you still keep them ? Then why do you have First Class cricket , what’s the point of youngsters scoring tons of runs in Ranji cricket and beating an International XI in a warm up watch. 

Should we now start boycotting matches for you to make changes ? Why do you exist to be known as Selectors when you aren’t selecting any players! Shame on you!

Rendezvous Sports Group

March 21, 2010

There is a old saying that , “Even if you visit Moon you will see a Malayalee aka Mallu “.. .Now the saying can be underlined after the Mysterious Rendezvous Sports Group winning the bid for Kochi’s IPL Team.

Twitter has been searching for the people behind the group, One name that is eminent in the news is Shailendra Gaikwad who is probably the owner of the group but the question is, “From where did the group suddenly arise from?.”

Hopefully it should be answered swiftly since people are going crazy over internet to find the source of the firm,  IPL team for a state like Kerala was only a dream considering the base price of the bid, but Rendezvous Sports got it for 1533 crores as if it was buying a piece of cake !!!

I hope they had done good maths to earn profit after investing almost the cost to build a brand new Smart City!!!

Anyways I am happy that I could finally walk and witness IPL match next year ..:D …..My Hearty Congratulations to Rendezvous Sports and Shailendra Gaikwad and the people behind the veil for bidding and winning a team for my city!!!

People behind the veil are as follows !!!

Rendezvous group has Vivek Venugopal, Anchor switches, Rosy Blue Diamond, Mukesh Patel, Ravi and Sanjay Gaikwad as part of the consortium.:- Tweet from LalitModi !!!

20 Years of Making !!!

February 24, 2010

How could possibly a man achieve the greatest heights in one day cricket after spending 20 years in a game which is passion more than anything for the Great Man.  God was great to allow the God of Cricket to achieve this feet for the first time in world history.

Today for the first time we asked some one to score a single than one over boundary.You speak of slogs, you speak of power but today’s innings showed the world that “Old is Gold”. The shots when played in gaps can bring you the Glory never earned before .You need not crush the ball, You need only to time the ball for it to reach boundary. 25 of them and 3 over the boundary, only this man could do it and it will remain so for a long period of time.

You will always be the ‘One’. The ‘One’ that people will envy about , but no one will be like you . You are the “Only One.” You are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Jai Hind !!!

Sachin, So near yet so far :(

November 5, 2009

Sachin brought the match to India’s side but failed to achieve the target. I feel so sorry for him to see that his superb century vent in vain despite of brilliant knock .

Who should be blamed , I think it should Rabindra Jadeja, when it comes to presure this guy cannot handle , why the hell did he take those 4 steps ahead when there was no run.

Seems like India’s gonna go 5-2 down in the series. Hopefully it would save my time of not watching any more games India play.



Rohit Sharma Shatters Indian Dream

March 14, 2009

       What was/is Rohit Sharma doing at the wicket. Because of his presence in the ground Indian team looked liked that of a decade ago. Falling apart like bicycles in the bicylce stand. It was okay on the part of Indian team to promote Rohit up the order. But he consumed a lot of deliveries and made Sehwag and others pay the price and inturn the whole batting perished. I guess Rohit should be asked to take some time in the domestic cricket and come back when he is fully confident. I am really angry with this young player.I would have liked Indian team win 4-0 rather than 3-1. Shey its a shame for this Indian side only because of Rohit Sharma’s batting and the way he makes others run out.

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