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Career Awareness !!!

July 26, 2009

Don’t you think that at least 90% of students are unaware of  career opportunities when they choose their course for Plus 1 and for their degree. Probably those students who does their schooling in good private schools would have more information regarding the alternatives available while choosing courses but I think the majority of the students are just following a general trend.

Many of the students do not know how to choose a right college, today’s corporate companies when they look for job aspirants, their first preference is to know, where he/she studied?.

Most of the students and parents think that if one does engineering from any random college, it would be enough to guarantee one a job, but trust me it doesn’t. People are coming to know about this now, thanks to media who has a lot of programs related to Education but still it’s not reaching to each and everyone.

People say recession has not hit India to a large extent, but if you see the drop in the placements in good colleges would prove against the statement. Rizwan, a Model Engineering College  student is worried not to have placements this year and he say’s  his only alternative is to go for an  MBA, but then he still has problems he says he will have to get into a good b-school for getting a decent enough ‘pay-cheque’ which means cracking one of the hardest entrance exams in the world and spending at least 10k in all to write these tests and then another 10k to buy application forms.

I think there is should be some platform set up in every schools where students and their parents is given knowledge about higher educational opportunities in India as soon as the child completes his 10th std. He/she should also be given complete freedom to choose the stream. If the school do not have facilities, students and parents should seek the help of career guidance center.  It might cost a bit but think it as a capital for a bright future.


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