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The Face.

January 28, 2013

I was lost in the woods, unable to find my destination. I decided to walk towards the light. Towards the rising sun.

I could hear all sorts of sounds; birds twittering, frogs croaking, twigs snapping and sounds I couldn’t recognize. I look up and notice birds leaving their nests. Probably to find food for themselves and their offspring.

Winding Road

Winding Road

Was I taking the right road? I could feel faith leaving me. I take a turn and I meet a figure taller than me, I could barely see his face, his head was covered with a hood made of animal skin. I ask him for the way, he tells me to go straight ahead. I keep walking on only to find more miles added on to my path. But was it mine?

I see a woman slowly approaching her prey. Closing in for the kill. Feral. I call out to her. Freeze, turn, snarling and curses at me. I cost her a meal. Unaffected, I ask her about the way forward. She throws her head back, lustrous long hair falling down and tells me to take another path. The current one just won’t do.

The new path takes me deeper into the woods; I hear frightening noises and see shady shadows hidden right behind every leaf. I start running forward but only to fall into a ditch. I couldn’t remember for how long was I in the ditch. Presently, a man helps me out. He asks me to go back the way I had come. I do as he asks. I find open ground. Thirsty. I find a pond with a moon in it.

A dirty and bloodied face stare back at me as I bend down to drink from the pond. Startled, I fall back. Heart pounding. I approach the face in the pond. Or was it the moon? I see his mouth forming words and my ears recreating them, “Why take the road travelled by others. Find yours”.

I hear someone call my name. The misty dreams fades and reality takes shape. I desperately try to snatch back my fast fading dream. It escapes my memory’s feeble efforts. But I remember one thing and one thing only. The face in the pond right next to the moon.

Written by me!
Edited by Casey Nestor Fernandez
To read the previous version visit : The Right Path 

The Right Path

August 29, 2012

I was lost in woods unable to find my destination; I decided to walk towards the rising sun. I can hear all sorts of sounds, birds chirping, frogs squeaking and sounds I couldn’t recognize. I could see birds flying from their nest, probably to find food for them and for their offspring.

I started losing faith in the direction I am walking; I take a turn where I meet a figure taller than me, I could barely see his face, his head was covered with hood made of animal skin. I ask him for the way, he tells me to head straight. I keep walking only to find more miles ahead of me. I saw a woman slowly approaching an animal. I call her out, she curses me for letting her kill go. I explain about my situation. She laughs at me for taking the wrong road and asks me to take her path.

It takes me deep into the woods; I hear roars and frightening noises. I start running only to fall in a ditch. I couldn’t remember for how long was I in the ditch. A man rises me up from the ditch. He asks me to go back if I fear for my life. I acknowledge his advice. I find an open ground. I was feeling very thirsty by then. Luckily I find a pond and the moon in it.

As soon as I bent down to drink water, I saw a scary face, I fall back, I go again to the pond, the figure now opening its mouth. He starts questioning me, “Why take the road travelled by others, find yours”.

I hear someone call my name; I open my eyes only to realize all was a dream. I recall my dream in order to find who the person in the pond was and I could see him clearly.

The Murderer

October 15, 2010

It was a phone call at 8 in the morning that woke me up, I could hear my friend gasping as she was telling the truth she discovered about herself an hour before. I tried to recall what she just confessed to me through her phone.

I couldn’t believe it , I had to visit her to find out if it was true, I was ready in half an hour, the cab arrived to pick me, it took almost an hour and a half to reach her flat in Worli from Bandra through the busy traffic in Mumbai. I could see the construction of new Sea Link connecting Worli and Bandra. I wished if it was completed by now so as to reach her fast.

As soon as the door bell rang, she opened the door for me. She almost fell into tears as soon as she saw me, I hugged her tight, trying to comfort her, it didn’t do any good. I had to find a solution to her problem.

“Nitya, go take a shower, lets go and consult  a doctor”. She didn’t utter a word, she came back in about 20 minutes. We took the lift down and I drove her car towards the nearest gynecologist. She was in a relationship with her co-worker for almost six months now. I never thought their relationship would go so deep. But it has, the gynecologist conformed it after the check up.

We decided to go to Bayview near Marine Drive. She was still not talking, I said, ” Either you speak up,or I am leaving, this is just to much of silence.” She lifted her head from the table, her eyes still filled. I continued, “Aren’t you considering speaking about this with Roshan ?. ”

She finally spoke, “No I can’t , he would not accept this, I don’t want him to be hurt.” I raised my eyebrows , she continued, “It’s like we have just begun our relationship and never thought of marriage till now.” I interrupted ,”Huh , how could you not tell about it after all that’s happened with you.”

No Ajay, ” It’s just not happening, the day all messed up was partially because of me, I walked into his flat late night, he was drunk because he didn’t get the promotion he deserved, he asked me to leave but I refuted and spent the night with him. He was sorry in the morning and he did ask me take the pills. But I didn’t and I never told him.”

So what’s next Nitya ? ARE YOU GONNA KILL YOUR CHILD ? , she took off from the table in a hurry and I could see her getting a cab as soon as I reached the exit. I took her car to the flat, her flat was locked, I dropped the keys underneath the door. I got a call from her in the night. She asked me to come to a hospital , I was bit hesitant , but she forced me to. I was worried if she was gonna do what I had shouted her.

I reached the hospital, the hospital policies required another person to sign the document for abortion. I don’t know why I did it, but eventually I was part of a murder. From that day, things went different, we never spoke much.I did miss her, but the realisation of a murder kept myself away from her.

I was forgetting everything till the phone rang again, it only said , “You are a murderer.” It was a male voice.

The Message.

March 25, 2010

“She never noticed me on the first day, but I did”

I  maintained a very low profile during the first days in Tech Academy where I enrolled for  studying CCNA, [Cisco Certified Network Associate], apparently this is the only institute in Ahmedabad to be certified by CISCO.

I came to know about the course details from my best friend , Anish, who I have spent 14 long years together in Don Bosco School in Vejalpur, he was also with me for the same program.

A Cisco course before B.Tech is always good.

Four days into the course, we covered the initial lessons , “Functions & Security Networks”, the lessons where quite interesting , the instructors  used the help of PPT’s, while teaching us.

My eyes knowingly unknowingly fell on Sneha , Yeah that’s her name. The classes started at 9 in the morning lasted till 1 Pm , we had half an hour break between 10:45am  and 11:15am  .

This wasn’t the normal type breaks, this break is used to clear doubts , have some water and sit in front of the computers and Networking devices. We completed the 4th chapter “IP Addressing” by the end of second week

Even though I had a bike, I always took a bus to the institute as it was in city, it’s risky to take the your bike out, you never know when the Cops will catch you for not having License !!!

As always,  I took a bus which was almost half vacant to the institute , three stops later, Sneha entered the bus. I could feel my heart in my mouth, she came to me, I felt nervous.

She spoke , “You are Rahul right, I said, ” Yeah I am.”  I never knew that she would know my name, but she did, she continued ,” Do you mind if I sit beside you.”  I gave her a smile.

It takes at least half an hour to reach the institute  from that stop, she kept quite, I couldn’t break the ice either and then she looked at me and said, ” Hope you know my name.”  I said , ” Yes , I do , you are Sneha.”

She laughed,”Oh you do , great.”  ..So which school did you study , what are your next plans.   The conversation continued till we reached the institute.

Today the class was about, “Connecting to a Wide Area Network.”  My mind was lost in ,” How do I connect with Sneha…” Fortunately it didn’t take much time, when the class was over, Sneha came to me and said, “Rahul, save this no.  9236974164 and give me a ring.”  It didn’t take much time for my call to reach her cell.

There wasn’t much calls made for almost a week, she would just message me asking about the class tests, I would happily respond to them. We managed to be in the same bus every day to the institute and back home .  We had a group of 5 which consisted of me , Sneha, Anish, Rupa and Motta , that was his nick name, he was so huge , his original name is Akash.

Towards the end of 3 months course we five decided to go out for lunch, We went to ‘The Orchid” near Ashram Road,   We all ordered for the same, had to wait for 45 minutes for the lunch to arrive,   Our results were out, we five had our scores in 80’s , which was a coincidence , Motta hated his scores, He said, “I got 90+ in my models , and I couldn’t make it in the board exams.”

Anish spoke,  “Salle , Motte , 89 utna kum nahi 90 sein.”

We started laughing over the Anish’s comment. Sneha looked at me , I looked at her.  Rupa interrupted, “Do you guys have something to say each other.”

We kept silent, the lunch was good , Motta had to pay the bill, since he got the highest among us.

Sneha called me in the evening , I took her call, she said, “I will message you” and hung up the call. A few seconds later, I received her text.

“You never noticed me on the first day, but I did”

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