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Annayum Rasulum! Escape

January 7, 2013

Spoiler Alert!

Annayum Rasoolum36711That’s what I felt at the end of the movie, I just wanted to get out of Shenoys and breathe some fresh air. God knows what the script writer intended to convey in the first 20 minutes of the movie. People in the theater was praying for a break; which came an hour and half later.

Story , what story , it’s like life’s of 4-5 people shot and pasted in the film. The one who edited the movie probably has never seen a movie in his life.  The movie is so drab that you lose track on the no. of lose ends the movie has. Ashiq Abu has probably done is role okay, but his character was unnecessary, a poor soul waiting years to get police clearance for his passport and eventually never gets cleared.

If you are going to watch the movie, you are doing a great favor to the producer! Oh and by the way the hero and heroin falls in love without uttering a single word.

Karthik Calling Karthik

March 3, 2010

Today , I happened to go for this movie, I never expected the movie to be as nice as it is.

If you are searching whether you should go or not , I would say ,”Go, Don’t miss it “. It’s a must watch movie . …Why?

Because , It’s not the normal typical Bollywood movie , where you have the hero bashing the Villains , dancing with the Heroin all the time, but it’s a movie that will make you experience the movie’s essence in real, yeah it is , I was freaked in the theatre , how could I possibly miss it, sometimes people make really good films . Go and experience it !!!

If you are a Kochite , don’t be surprised to see Cochin in the film. It seems like bollywood is liking God’s Own Country.


February 23, 2009


The Best Picture……I am getting goose bumps ….Just look at the little ones…Look at their excitment…I have lost words…..

Slumdog Millionaire does it..But???

January 13, 2009

Hmm I did read that the story was based on an Indian Novel but  I do find a similarity in themes between the hugely apaulosed film with that of a malayalam movie One Man Show.

The difference between these two movies is the reason behind the Main character coming for a Prize winning Program. One come for his Girlfriend n the other for his wife….The end is all the same they both win the highest prize

As the film has won awards its should only be a coincidence…. I supposse!!!

Twenty Twenty

November 17, 2008

               If  you are thinking that I am gonna write about Cricket Match you are Mistaken . Sure its a three hour entertainer but its about the New Malayalam (Mallu) Film produced by Dileep in association with AMMA , an organzation based on Malayalam film Industry. 

               I should congragulate the way the makers of the film gave prime importance to Mamooty, Mohanlal n yes Antony Punnekadan ( Suresh Gopi) , my definite favourite. The movie is an action packed thriller with class humour and yes n item dance by none other than Nayanthara. Kudos to the script writer n the director. Some might say Mohanlal has a upper hand but after watching the film twice I am quite sure there is nothing like that

               There are also instances where the film directly redicules the government, eg :- U eat n drink pallum mottayum(EGG n Milk only). Jayaram has quite a simple but an important role. Dileep I would say is the chocalate boy. The potential stars of the Malayalam industry all come together in the Dance along with Nayan…….Its worth to watch it in a movie house. At least they did a marvelous job for a noble course.

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