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The 10 KM Challenge

November 8, 2015

The Runners

Let me be honest, I never thought I could complete 10 km under 90 minutes. Half of the people in the picture have never walked 10 km in the nearest past. Except for a few who completed under 60 minutes, most of us took 75 to 85 minutes to complete the challenge .

Everyone had just one goal in their mind. To win that medal which required to complete the marathon under 90 minutes. It’s very strange when we have a destination/goal in our mind. Our mind and body pushes that extra inch to perform.  Something we lack in our day-to-day life.



Mission #Kochi

July 19, 2014



Image Courtesy : The Hindu

This should have been their mission when they were elected , there’s a lot of limitation for a local body to carry out infrastructure development.

The Mission Kochi looks promising. These are projects which can be carried by the local body without facing much financial difficulties, in fact most of the projects were sanctioned way before, unfortunately the inefficiency of the Corporation led to the delay.

If they could finish 20 of the mentioned missions , they will do a great favor to the city.

Raining and Raining #Kochi

May 8, 2014

I have been eagerly waiting for the climate to cool a bit and my wish has been granted by mother nature. Weather predictions said monsoons will be delayed in Kerala. I wasn’t surprised after all the rains last year.

Somehow the universe has gifted us rains, but reading the destruction it has caused to farmers and property. I now wish the rains to subsidise and the Sun to shine bright in a less humid weather.

The Dream of a million

June 7, 2013

When everyone turned the project down, there were a few who had the hope that the project would go live.  I am one among those few who knew it would only be a matter of years for the pilling of Kochi Metro to start.

PillingToday the dream of a million will become a reality when our Chief Minster will inaugurate the pilling through video feed from the site so as to avoid traffic block . KMRL  has even invited the general public to be part of inauguration inspired from the public involvement culture shown by DMRC .

Just like the government coordinated with DMRC to complete preparatory works such as flyovers and road development on time. Let us hope that the coordination remain as strong as it is so that the civil works completes in 2 years as promised by DMRC and KMRL. And let us support the way we supported both the organizations by obeying the new traffic regulations set by them.

Multiplexes in Kochi

January 20, 2013

A decade ago Kochites would wish to go as far as Bangalore to enjoy good movies at Multiplexes , in two months time, it looks like Kochites would be spoiled for choices!

Lulu PVR cinepolisWith already two good multiplexes; Cinemax and Qcinemas with 4 screen each, there’s another two more multiplexes to be opened soon with as much as 19 screens, that’s twice the amount of screens we already have. Cinepolis will be opening with 11 screens at Central in MG Road and PVR will be opening 8 screens at Lulu at Edapally.

It’s going to be a Happy Movie time for Kochites!

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