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Google before you Facebook

September 28, 2015

Trust me people; it will do more good than harm. There was times when I would post anything and everything I saw on Internet believing it to be true. Gradually I found out,  “All that glitters is not gold”, that old saying still holds true.

Social media can do more harm than a traditional media. You need to check the background/authenticity before you go ahead and apply those Facebook profile updates.  Traditional media can never collect your data unless you respond by person, email and phone. Social media can. A simple like or change in profile pic is data for them.

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Remember folks, nothing comes free, there’s always a catch.

Kerala’s Media Fighting ?

September 13, 2009

It’s kinda of funny to see the media in Kerala fighting together over Om Prakash father’s interview, which PP say’s it’s forged and taken by so called ” Khadar Dharry ” [ One wearing Khadar Shirt]:p.

The conti net news channel was the one who brought up the interview, PP came with another tape where in Om Prakash father is taught how to answer certain interview questions 😀 .

MM has claimed that’s it’s interview is Exclusive.  On the other the conti net is claiming that it is it’s own video interviewed by AP.

MM is claiming that PP is making people misunderstand because it’s a so called Party Channel.

Hmm… Seems like Politics in Kerala is using Media high time and ignoring the ethics of Good Journalism. 😦

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