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Train Diaries

January 28, 2009

      We began our journey from South Railway station on 27th Jan’09. We are the NCC ARMY WING 3rd years . We had to submit our second year marklist inorder to get our grace marks . Getting bored…… lets begin the journey. 

     The train was late like always its Indian Railways na. We took our seats there where plenty. I took the ticket as always.Just Rs 9…17 rupee in my pocket shhh I took Rs 10 from every one.But in the end I lost a rupee took two extra tickets. I try to concentrate in my non fiction book as the train didn’t start but then Manu said I have a diesease for books…  closed the book the very next moment.Kooo Koooo the train started to move an hour late. Everyone got busy hearing songs and then the real fun started. We started bitching Manu for….he will kill me if I post it here. Songs started flowing from everyone we were playing anthakshri. It was the first visit to MG university for the most who came. They did like the university and we went into the canteeen. The food was remarkably good with excellent fish curry and other dishes only for Rs 17. Cool na..

   Manu’s travel magazine revealed a train to Ernakulam at 3:40pm. I said there is no such train and forced them to go by bus. But Sreejith got on a bus to rly station as soon as he stepped on the bus everyone got in without asking any question we reached there and came to know that the train is at 5 pm . Ranveer and I took an another way to the station… the Rail Tracks just for fun k n I went to Manu n started quareling on the train matter but he was cool as ice.

  We waited an hour there .The train came on time this time round and the second round of anthakshri started. Sibi and I sat at the doors. I said to him this is the first time I am sitting near the doors of the train. He asked me about my family ,my place it was quite a good talk with him. We reached Ernakulam at around 7 pm . Manu came to me and said if he didn’t have shown the train book we would have missed the fun. I kept quite as I know he was right.

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