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January 28, 2010

It was on October 31st 2008 , when we had our association, I didn’t have any support what so ever from my class to do the same, I had to push people, beg them to get things done in place and still unfortunate things happened.

Yesterday was Sparkz, the B.Com CA association in my college , not even one person be it my  junior not even my classmate who knew it is the association day bothered to call me.  I just want to ask them some questions .

1)How could you possibly miss me ?

2)Is it because I did things silently ?

3) Or is it because you forgot ? Hmm the lamest Excuse

Anyways some one could have just texted me or informed by some means of communication.

I just learned the best lesson of all times , “Don’t Expect anything in Return.”

Friendship Day..!!!

August 2, 2009

It’s fun right to have a day devoted for our friends, I don’t have much experience celebrating friendship day, but till now I got around 10 messages wishing me  ” Happy Friendship Day”. which suggests I do have some good friends to back on :).

During my school days, when my friends where getting friendship bands tied all over their hand I used to watch those closely and wished some one will come and tie my hand too. But seldom people came too me. I never tied to some one too. Bands where quiet costly to me !!!  My thinking at those time was, only if someone ties you a band, the person can be reckoned as one having  a lot a friends. Today I realize how immature my mind was. 😉

Friends need not tie a band, they are always tied.

Micheal Jackson Dead :(

June 26, 2009

I was really shocked when my friend called me and said he is dead, known more for controversies lately but truly a legend in his time.

I am no fan of him, but his music has inspired a lot of people round the world, One could say he to be the  only known western pop star among the people in Kerala, there might be people knowing Beatles , 50 cent, Linkin Park , Madonna, etc but if you ask anyone to tell a name of a western pop star ,the first word which will come in one’s mouth would be Micheal and then Jackson.

The end of this man has come when everyone was expecting his return to music concerts again, well his time has had to come one day and it came today , but earlier than expected.

Let your soul reach Heaven and your music for the souls in Heaven“.

Change in Address..!!!

May 1, 2009

Guys I am relocating today from my Own House to a Leased

Years before when we bought this house. We thought we have a home that we need not leave but LIVE. But now due to some circumstance( Shh..Secret). We had to shift.

The one we took is a better house than we have.  But I guess it would take at least a week to get adjusted with the new one.

They say “Change is always Refreshing” I hope it’s the same in my case too.

Happy May Day to all my Readers 😉

Terrorist your Appointment with GOD is Fixed

November 28, 2008

                        I am very angry and sad with the happenings in Mumbai. There should be an end for this. Its time for us to be United and fight against terrorism.  The signs are already begining to come. I recieved two messages yesterday discouraging terrorism.It states

                                 “Forgiving terrorist is left to God”

                           ‘But fixing their appointment with God

                           is our responsibility’

                                                                                  INDIAN ARMY      

 I hope the message spreads like fire with maximum intensity……………. JAI HIND                      

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