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Nabil’s Day Out at St.Terasa College!!!

January 27, 2009

     Hmm.. this happened a quite a long time ago, during the MG University Youth Festival. Nabil ,me, Ribin,Sreegnath n Nikil planned to go to see some ‘cultural activities’. First we went to Maharaja’s it was fun there.But the real fun came when we went to St.Tereasa’s College. Nabil is a person who is very confident k . We went into the plenary which was actually vacant. The omen was not good for us . As we were walking to the Gates. Nikil was commenting about Nabil’s walking style as if trying to imitate Mammootty. If you had seen it their you would have laughed. Just a step more  a bird shit on him.You should have seen his expression. He rushed for looking out for water n succeded. Thats was not all over for him. We came out was talking how Ribin would reach home. Nabil saw some foreigners walking beside him. He came to us and said,” Oru suturam kanikame”. Just as he finished he went towards them and said “Hi”. They didn’t even offer him a look. We said, ” Nabil veendum Somanayi”. That was not all. After we had to lift up a car as its front wheel was in the drainage. We offered the guy a help. But the bulk of the lifting work was done by Nabil n then he said,”Inni mela St. Terasasil varulla”.


A freak in Uniform

June 14, 2008

It was my second presence in NCC I reached the room and was shocked to see everyone laugh at my friend as it was essential to keep discipline in NCC but now he has become one of the most best cadet .I incurred what’s the matter .My friend came to me and described the incident .

My friend and he was walking through Thevara road suddenly he stopped at the sight of a traffic police .My friend was gonna ask why did he stop but was shocked to see that he was saluting the traffic police .I went silent for a moment and you could imagine what happened ………   

A night at Kodaikanal

June 12, 2008

I am going back to  an incident  .My friends including me where going for a school trip to kodaikanal .We enjoyed the day really well .My friends where planning to have some drinks at night .I didn’t have any idea of how to consume this drinks .My friends bought a beer from a shop .I was wondering if they forget to buy any other stuff.I went to one of my friend  to ask “eda afsal soda vagicho” . He just ran away laughing I was wondering what’s the big deal. Everyone where laughing including girls. Later I realized that “no one adds soda in Beer”.  

The Genesis

April 12, 2008

As everyone is creating blog I thought why not me .I am not bad either I have even given a name for a summer workshop organised by a very reputed school in My Place(“Kochi”) I will give you a clue it is the only school to get a ISA by British Coucil in the Gods own Country may be thats your or was your school and its starts with ‘R’ and ends with ‘I’ .The idea of blog came into my mind as my cousin has a beautiful blog his name is Sebin. and I will mention his blog address after getting his copyright My post  and other stuffs you see here are my own creations except some which I had already mentioned and will mention for the new posts.

N.BSome of you might thing whats all about the address(entemind) I was going for mymind as the address was not available I took the word “ente” from my mother tounge മലയാളം whcih means “my”.

Disclaimer: -The things that I post is purely of my perception it may be right or wrong you can agree or disagree .But I hope you have a comment on those.

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