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The new Library in Kochi !

May 26, 2011

Kochites have a reason to cheer, especially for those who spend time on reading. My friends, Romana Correya and Casey Nestor Fernandez has come up with an awesome library with some unique features.

a) You don’t have to visit the library. 

b) You can order books online.

c)You get the books delivered at your doorsteps 😀

d) You don’t have to pay any fine as long as you read the books within 3 months from the date of delivery.

e) You don’t have to pay any extra cost after you have registered with the library.

e) After you have read the books, you don’t have to think about dropping the books back to library, they will come and collect the books.

Isn’t that enough for you to smile 🙂 So why wait, get in touch with the owners of The Readers’ Web, or you can directly sign up here.

If you are an Facebook addict . They have a page for you to Like too. I know you don’t mind giving them a call at +91 80890 22387or mailing them @ read@26× to find more about the new venture.

You can also see me in their page receiving the first delivery 🙂 I hope you will  encourage their cause, Joys of Reading !

Thank you 🙂

The Other side of Kochi

February 26, 2010

When people from other countries come down to India, majority of them ask, Where is the Slum ? Poor people , they do not know that India is one of the countries which is developing faster than any other  and the slums are quite rare in big cities.

But is that fact true ? You will have to say, there is slum in each and every city in India. I do not know if measures have taken for providing them homes to live in , there might be, but it isn’t reaching to the people who requires it.

Kochi is one the fastest developing cities of the world with International Container terminal , IT Parks, Special Economic Zones , Oceanarium  and other projects coming up , it is bound to be developed with in a few years.  But even such a city does have a slum.

Today when I went to the place which is in the heart of the city,  I saw small children carrying woods on their head, kid’s cradle hung on trees , people taking rest on the newly tarred road, which would be as hot as it can get.

The area was occupied with the unfortunate people for many years , but recently the GCDA built a compound wall around the area restricting them to enter inside it , which made them built houses around the walls and on the sides of the road.

I cannot bear the heat inside my home , I wonder how will it be for the newly born’s and the people living their. I can only pray to God to show mercy on them and make them capable of bearing the Heat of Kochi.

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