My State Kerala

It was on last December when I decided to take up a challenge You would never believe I stepped forward to speak to an audience not less than 500 ,they where from across all parts of my great nation India . I did practice and it turned to be a great experience for me .First of Kind to be a Master of Ceremony for such a diversified audience .To be honest these are not my words but some pupils coined these for their Republic Day Presentation.I had to understand it and deliver.

The speach went like this..

Tourism of Kerala

The cruise in Allepey lake,stay and journey in house boat is a unique experience.The world renowned Nehru Trophy Vallam Kally is held at Allepey every year,different categories of boats take part.The bird sanctuary in Kumarakam .The international known unique beach Kovalam are the cynosure of many tourist.

A picture of NehruChudan Vallam Boat Race

Kumarakam Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakam Bird Sanctuary

Kovalam Beach 18 kms away from the state capital Thiruvanthapuram.

Temple Art Forms

Theyam ,a colourful temple art form of Kerala ,people consider theyam as God’s maifestatation .It brings out by its uniqueness the blending of dance and music,the charm of folk art.



Kerala offers the ultimate panacea for all ailment through Ayurveda .India’s most ancient form of treatment Ayurveda has over the centuries one of the way of life between Keralites and now even with all Indians and foreigners .


An Ayurveda Medicine


Swathi Thirunal Maharaja of Travancore is one of its chief exponents.Mohiniyattom ,dance of enchantress is a traditional female dance of Kerala probably evolved in the 12th century.Its emotions are such a way that it is universally understood .It shows by it graceful ,soft tradition of lasya and the expressions of cosmic feminine creativity


Mohiniyattom –Dance of Enchantress

Folk Dances of Kerala


It is a Muslim Dance Art form of Kerala performed before the day of marriage .The bride is dressed up and decked up and the dancers dance around her singing.

Sarpam Thullal

It is the most ancient way of propagating Snake Gods and only a few people know about it.


Sarpam Thullal

Martial Art of Kerala -The Kalarippayattu

It has a rythmic style which make you feel that you forget was once a way of war .Kalari denotes school for gym and payyatu for both exercise and fight .It is fought with different weapons used for attack and defense


The Kalarippayattu

Daffu Muttu

It is a traditional art form prevalent among the Muslims of Malabar .It uses percussion instrument known as Daffu.

Kolkali* :-

Kolkalli is a folk art performed mainly by the agrarian classes. It is a highly rhythmic dance with the dancers wielding short sticks.     

The rhythm of this dance is set by a harmonious synchronisation of the tapping of feet to the clapping of sticks.





The movement is circular and the artists sing as they dance and strike the sticks in unision. Though the dancers break away to form different patterns, they never miss a beat.







A still from Kolkalli


It is a Christian art form .It speaks about the exploits of legendary Christian warriors. The actors are dressed in Greek and Roman costumes and even the stage bear a foreign influence.  

*Chavittunadakam has a story to tell. When the Portuguese came to Kerala, they felt a vacuum in the cultural arena. What they needed was a medium to spread the myths and the legends they held dear.

They felt Kathakali impressive, but their ego did not permit them to graft their legends on it. Hence created a distinctive dance drama of their own. 

Collaborating with Malayalee scholars they moulded librettos extorting the heroic exploits of legendary Christian warriors. Chavittu nadakam characters don glittering dress which evinces fashion of medieval age.

They sing loudly with exaggerated gestures and pound the wooden stage. The play is considered success if at the finale, the stage cave into the pressure of heavy pounding.












Sree Narayana Guru 

       He was instruemental in removing the social nequalities based on cast and religion. His diction was one caste one religion and one God for man. 







 Sree Narayana Guru








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