My best days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn’t I say I will be writing about my experience I had in NLDS Silvasa I don’t actually remember every moments but I will try to write everything randomly. 

      The conference began on 8th of this month .My delegation LC Kochi reached at around 3:30 am on the same day. We saw Chandigarh delegation spending their time roaming n talking around. Akshay our OC was the one who went first to interact with them. I was bit nervous to go to them at the first instance but slowly but steadily I talked to them introduced myself. 

      We had to wait till 7:30 am to get the rooms. Our LC got three rooms. We where told that we will divided by the day to different groups so as to have better interaction with other delegates. It was an Ice breaker day. Aditya took me to a number to gals n made me force fully to introduce myself n ask about them. It was my first experience to talk to strangers especially girls.

     We had poha for our brunch and quite good food for the lunch too . We where asked to go to the lawns to have the Ice braking session which was quite fun we here divided into groups of 30 and we did some adjective games where we had tell our names beginning with adjectives of the same letter for eg if your name is Prateek he will sya Psycho Prateek, this guy was my dept. member.

    Harish LCP of Chennai was our facci for that Session. He made us do certain other things too. Some awesome games where we had to tell the part which you would love if you had a Kitten. I said eyes ,some one said fur ,some one else ears it went like that n then we had to to to I will say if you ask me  

   We had our Opening Plenary after that session. The Chair for the conference was introduced Mr. Sid P was our chair oh he was one of the best person I met in the conference . Then we where given details of how the conference was going to proceed. I then got to know that AIESEC was not all about learning but also about chilling. That night was Halloween we where supposed to be dressed in Ghost fortune. I went to my LCP Devisha to ask about my room.I came to know that it was 303. Bad luck when I went there I found out that the room where alloted to girls they mistook my name Rittu as Ritu n thought I was a gal.Then I went to the person responsible for allotting rooms I got a cottage room number 510 .I took my long journey till 510 it was a astonishing 15 minutes walk

  I met my room mates Anurag, Lohit ,Kavi n Anurag said there is more to come. I had to find a costume for halloween Night. I took my Rain Coats n wore it. Anurag said I look like jadoo( ET).It was fun to see many turn up in different costumes for the day.




 Hey this is all about the first day.I will be continuing when I find time.See ya for now

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