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The first 100 Days!!!

October 4, 2014

Remember the time during school days when we had to change our schools for better conditions?. Things never change even while you start working. When I knew it was time to leave the company I truly loved, I wasn’t fully sure to start all over again.

Just like a child would take time to blend in with the new atmosphere of his new school. It took me sometime, at first I thought it was a bad decision, especially changing the entire industry. From finance I went into operations. From a million dollar company into a billion dollar company. The entire atmosphere was so different that the first few days literally chocked me up. When things go haywire in your life. The only thing that keeps you going is hope. I decided to fight it out. In the end it was all about numbers, the one I was used to since school.

Gradually things starting changing pretty quickly. I adapted faster than I thought. It came as a surprise for my co-workers to see me working more than I was required to. At time it’s hard to strike the right balance; must be because of the lack of experience. If I can adapt in 100 days I should be able to strike the right balance sooner than later.

Here I am posting from my company laptop from home!!!


Back to Studies

July 13, 2010

Yeah u heard right , I am finally back to studies , it was a “Blink” …changed my career plans just like that …it was so quick ..God knows if it’s right …but I certainly think it’s gonna be okay if not right …

Confused? …not if you are one of my close friends ..they certainly know what I am up to …

Spend 600 $  for MBA entrance coaching and after two years …I finally realized that one lazy guy like me can never make it to the best business schools ….late realization 😛

So what do i do ….Ask people what to do next …and the result ..millions of options and I say ..hmm no…finally an ad in Malayala Manorma ICWAI in 2 years including SAP ..

I thought myself ..not bad …dad showed me the ad again ..I said ..”Dad I saw it” …the next hour ..I walk into their office …they tell me about the processes of pursuing ICWAI….

14 papers …3 extra for CIMA ….if I get this 17 done  plus three years of practical experience ..that’s kinda a PGDM from IIM A ..u know ..without getting those high percentiles…which I am certainly sure I ain’t gonna get considering Arithmophobia ….and more over ….a Professional Degree

So yeah …class begins tomorrow …9 to 4….gonna meet some new people …who knows ..may be even someone … .Wishes are always welcome ….you need not comment …spoken words are just enough !!

See you tomorrow …with some news of my first day at studies !!

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