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What Facebook revealed!

January 18, 2013

Facebook AppYesterday I was installing a Facebook application in my mobile and I unintentionally or rather Facebook sent mass friend request to all my contacts saved in my phone.

Guess what happened next, obviously I had to cancel all friend request sent, thanks to the new activity log, even though I had to manually cancel all request, it was easy! But it revealed a lot of things.

  1. One of my close friends has a fake profile! He isn’t any celebrity but he does!, that too linked with his mobile no as the application uses the phone nos in your contacts to send request and his profile has liked 521 random pages.
  2. There were at least 30 fake profile created randomly with just names and possibly random phone no. out of 225 request sent which suggests 10% of users in Facebook are fake! BEWARE
  3. A few random people have used the phone nos of the contacts I have and linked it with their profile, that was really weird!
  4. One of the request sent was to a prominent media person whose no. I am sure I never had, I thought this could be because of two reasons either he/she uses mobile no which is not his or hers or it could be the no of someone I knew and he would have stopped using the no and the service providers would have allotted the same no. to another person

That was it, took two whole hours to cancel the request, but boy it revealed a lot of things, I made sure no one can find me using mobile no. search, you can too disable it in your privacy settings!

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