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The Emerging Dreams of Kerala

September 12, 2012

It was about a decade ago under the leadership of Sri. A K Antony, then Chief Minister of Kerala; Kerala initiated her first investors meet. That meet did bring a lot of hopes to the educated unemployed youth and those youth serving others states of India for the want of better jobs in Kerala.  Sadly, the meet was an utter disaster , not even a single project brought under GIM has become a reality. Smart City, being the prime example.

Today marks another investors meet, Emerging Kerala, which aims at bringing at least 250000 crore worth investment to Kerala. The best bit of this meet is, the government has focused not just on IT sector but also other sectors such as Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure, Financial  and even Adventure Sports.

This should give lots of hope to the thousands who pass out from Engineering, Arts and Science, Commerce and Hospitality education institutes who even today look forward to other states to start their career.

With every projects in Kerala, comes a greater controversy, even this time Emerging Kerala had its share of controversy, mostly on projects based in Tourism sector. Controversies apart, shouldn’t the political parties join their hands together for the initiative which is likely to bring a million direct job prospects in a decade ?

Kerala being the state run by different political parties every 5 years have missed to capitalize on  IT boom in early 2000’s.  This is an another opportunity in front of the people who make policies, life’s of the citizens in Kerala.  Hope no one places a red flag before the emerging dreams of Kerala.




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