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Calcutta Diary

June 20, 2016

It was my dream to visit the famous city of West Bengal. The dream came true when I heard the news of my second cousin’s marriage in Calcutta.

I booked my tickets four months before the date of travel. It was also my first travel by air. The acceleration of the plane on the tarmac gave me an instant adrenaline rush. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t.

The city looked beautiful and clean than I had imagined. I was always amazed by the city’s different modes of transportation; Tram excited me the most.

I took the AC low floor bus from the airport to the city, where I got the chance to hop on the tram. The trams were too slow to my liking. I climbed down immediately.


My cousins picked me up and I reached our guest house, were I got the chance to spend time with them. They were totally fun


Next day, I set out to visit the Victorian Memorial, a tribute to Queen Victoria. The building looked majestic. Built purely with marble, it is definitely a must visit site in Calcutta


I also got the chance to walk the famous Howrah Bridge. The sheer size of the bridge baffled me.


It was time to get back to my new home in Calcutta. I had promised my relatives to get back in time. I spoke to the guest house caretaker, Rajesh.


His story amazed me. He hails from the north of India and started working at the age of 6, he was first working in Mumbai and his masters kept him in secret. He learned the art of cooking different cuisines and to do the odd jobs for anyone. He has been working here for the past 8 -10 years. He is very content with his life and always has a smile on his face.

It was time to offer prayers. People spoke about the importance of God in one’s life and how God protected them in circumstances which could have led to death.  I was happy to see the love and affection between everyone.

The marriage ceremony lasted an hour and a half and we reached the reception hall on time.  A few of us took the time in between to explore more of Calcutta.  I never knew Calcutta had dance bars.

It was time to pack and four days went in a jiffy. We thought of doing some shopping and headed to New Market. I bought a leather bag, belts and a shoe. I couldn’t get anything for my sister or Starlet (my pet).


The rickshaw pullers still existed in the city. I was very curious to find the James Bond number in many other cycle rickshaws.


Back again in flight, I was able to capture this video.

I knew I had made good memories.


It’s #Christmas

December 25, 2014


What a wonderful year has gone past, sure there are ups and down, but remember the good deeds you have done and make sure you do better next year. Always imagine good things to happen in your life, because your imagination is your life, what you imagine is what you become. It’s the law of universe. Celebrate the last month of the year to the fullest, forgive and apologize, it doesn’t matter who the person is, all that matters is you finding inner peace and happiness. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, God is one, and in what ever form they came to earth, all they advocated is peace and love.

Merry Christmas people. Merry Christmas.

L.I.F.E Updates!

June 25, 2012

I always love to write about myself, but a few years back I was forced to stop, like a censorship to my own blog. I am back, this is it, hell with censorship. Hell with notions. I am gonna write what I feel like.

So guys, here’s a small update since my college days, I screwed up my studies, didn’t not take up an great opportunity that was in arms distance 2 years back, to exactly quote the date. It was on December 13th 2009. I guess not taking up the opportunity changed my life entirely. But as my friend Vinod says, things happen, you don’t plan for it. He is right, that’s what’s happening with me for the past three years.

I am gonna break down L.I.F.E into Love, Interests, Friends and Education 😀 , some one give me copy right for that 😀

Love, which I thought would never happen in my life, did happen,  seems like it’s not gonna work, but I am cool about it  😉

Interests, I guess I am back to writing, I love leading a team , now I am the Regional Coordinator of MGJSM Kochi Region which has 116 members !

Friends,This is something really awesome, I hang out with my close friends almost every week, friends text me these days(not forward messages). I talk to a lot of them on facebook too.

Education,Oh well, as I said earlier, it’s screwed, I am doing CMA Intermediate for the past two years,  this December I am gonna fix it for sure!

That’s it guys, I am Back! Waiting for the 5000th visitor on my blog! 🙂

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