Tom’s Turning Point…..

Volunteering is one of those chances you get in a lifetime in your college”:-This was the sentence which changed Tom’s life into a new exciting one.

He was a kind a boy who had nothing much to cheer about when he joined the prestigious college. He had known almost everything about the institution ,the reputation of the college ,the prestige to be known as the student of the college,the wonderful friends he is going to be with n more than that he was aware of the fact that the college carried the reputation to have pretty girls! .But he had a strange problem he was afraid to speak to girls (veusophobia) he did not even know how to introduce himself to others.

He has known about the youth organisation from his parents .There was announcements from the speaker that this organisation was keeping a seminar in Joseph Hall .He was interested in going there but some force pulled him back.Later in the lunch interval a boy named Jerin and a girl named Lucy came to him and they started to move from one student to other and then they approached him .They address themselves as the cadets of NCC ARMY WING

Jerin said,” There are 20 parades in a year n and falls on every Saturday .You have two sessions one on ground and the other in the cultural room.We have other activities such as cycle expedition,paragliding and you will also get a 5% bonus at the end of your course”.

Tom asked whether he can carry out these parades .It was now the turn of the girl to reply She said ,” If a girl can do why not you”.It struck Tom with a huge blow .He said that he will reply after consulting the matter with his parents.Tom went to his home with great excitement he was always found of adventure .

He reached home his mother asked him how was today’s class Tom said all those things that Jerin and Lucy has said to him.His mother agreed and asked him to consult with his father .He knew it was just a matter of time ,to be with NCC ARMY WING.His father always wanted him to be with an organisation he without any hesitation he allowed Tom to join it.

Next morning Tom went to see Jerin. He gave him the enrollment form and instructed him how to fill it and he also asked Tom to get a medical certificate and his father’s signature .Tom did that with in the next day.He was given with the NCC uniform icluding a pair of boots .Tom’s friends did say that you will miss friends when they go out on Saturdays but Tom was now already dedicated his minds to NCC .

There were a number of new students joining the organization. Tom always went to Jerin and asked when is their first meeting Jerin would say to wait .The next day their was an announcement from the speaker it said ,” All cadets of NCC ARMY WING are asked to come for the meeting behind the library at the noon interval “.

Tom was very excited to hear this .He was eagerly waiting for this sort of chance.He went for the meeting and was asked to stand in three’s. The object of the meeting was to inform us that NCC is going to have our first parade on the coming Saturday .

The day arrived Tom ironed his uniform to his best and also carrying other accessories in his bag .He reached his college.

Unfortunately it was raining ,so Tom and the co-cadets were asked to assemble in Joseph Hall. Tom was seated in the second bench The former Senior under officer(it is the highest rank given in NCC) Prakash asked us to introduce. Tom was very scared as he is afraid of the audience rather than stage fear .He went on to the stage shivering and started giving the introduction speech. Prakash asked to say louder Tom tried his best and later he discovered that his fear was disappearing he completed his introduction on a good note .

Then the seniors of NCC organization showed them some important steps in parade . The commands where Savadhan which meant attention , Vishraam means Stand it is . They were taught to sing the NCC song ‘Hum Sabh Bharatiya Hain’.

Prakash said he would be selecting some for a personality development class. Tom was eagerly waiting for the chance but to his disapointment only the front row was chosen for the special class. All other cadets were asked to leave the room. Some where happy as they always feared “extra classes”. Cadets were asked to change the uniforms and out of the campus within minutes. One of the 2nd year cadet could not make it in time and he was given five push up in the room by a senior.

The next week Tom saw a guy in front of NCC unit. He went and he got the news that a new member was seeking permission to join NCC. It was CSM Sreejith who was talking to the new guy Tom was amazed to hear that they where talking in Hindi. Later Tom came to know about the new guy his name was Ranveer. He looked very serious and a bit funny too.

For the next two Saturday’s. The parade was all the same. Cadets practiced some of the important steps. The cultural room was fun. Cadets where asked to sing,introduce themself. Those who could not sing where asked to tell the short experience they had in NCC and so on. This helped the Cadets to get over the fear they had in facing the audience. The cultural session was mostly held by Jerin

Tom also got a chance once. He was asked to say about the experience he had in NCC. He did that with his body shivering slightly.

Hey Today(31st October  I reveal it Tom is me ,Jerin is Rajest sir, Yes I will definetely continue  

to be continued…………………………………….

N.B:The story and the characters pictured above is of mere fiction any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidence.

5 Responses to “Tom’s Turning Point…..”

  1. rajesh Says:

    really nice yaar………
    dont 4get to continue……
    i would like to read more abt this story……

  2. entemind Says:

    It will be complicated to change Jerin what if at the end of the story I will reveal that the person is……………

  3. rajesh Says:

    kk u do as u wish…….
    but pls write the continuation as soon as possible………

  4. entemind Says:

    My computer not in a gud shape these days affected with some unknown disease

  5. riya Says:

    pls continueeeeeeeeeeeeeee want to know more abt tom

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