Sorry,Extremely Sorry..Sparkz went down without Sparks.

On behalf of the organizers of Sparkz,”the Commerce Association” I Rittu J Jacob the “co-ordinator” apologize for the worst welcome and for the  each one of you the 2nd year “Dance Team” for the unfortunate thing that happened today. Only thing that I could think of for now was apologizing like this I do not have any other media to do. For your kind information I do not nor someone has any direct involvement for what happened today.

Let me explain, I did say that there is 20 minutes gap{my calculation mistake). After the last song was over “he” didn’t see anyone of you there he thought that there is no other program( he was only appointed as an MC at 12:30 pm,31st October,so thanks to him for taking the responsiblity)he asked them to Sing our National Anthem, I tried to stop them but my attempt failed.By the time you came evryone was out . This is what I know.If you happened to read this please do comment. As an iniator of the program even I am disturbed for what has happened so I know what would be going through your minds. Very Sorry once again.There are also others whom we should say sorry but its better to remain silent.


Hey I know many of you would be guessing What exactly happened on 31st October 2008 .Here is the short story of what happened . We had our association mainly for students to showcase their talent. All was going well untill this happened. There was supposed to be 10 programs in total inclusive of 4 songs and 4 group dances a mimmicry and a martial art performance. Every thing went right except……………  The 2nd year dance team had planned two performance in total. So I kept their first event 4th and 2nd the last. Probably the MC didn’t know the same team is performing twice . When the last but one program (according to program list) was over He didn’t see the team at the varandha he thought all programs is over and asked some 1st years to sing the National Anthem. I went to him and said there is one more program left. I was annoyed as he didn’t care my words and he showed a gesture to the girls to go on with the National Anthem. It was then very fast National Anthem finished in about 30 seconds and everyone out in another 30 seconds. When I turned around I saw some girls standing amused I was shell shocked I knew the very moment that some thing has gone wrong. In minutes the news spread like fire.  

Even now I am bit disturbed with all this stuffs thats why I am still writing. Some one please help me to get over from this SPARKZ Phobia Its haunting me like anything. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

2 Responses to “Sorry,Extremely Sorry..Sparkz went down without Sparks.”

  1. Suli Says:

    dude, chill…
    ur takin this issue like that of the Holy Grail… 😛
    for sumbody’s sake… get a life..
    Things like this happen.. but who gives a shit???? (no one)
    so u shud move on wit life n forget the misgivings of the past…

  2. entemind Says:

    Thanks Buddy for the advice yaar I am much better now . They did get a chance to perform the same dance yesterday (Arts Day).I would rate their dance a bit above average. thats it!!!!! 🙂

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