Will YoU be there!!!! Volvo Race in Kochi

The world’s  one of the most adventure sport is coming to my city Kochi. It is the Volvo Ocean Race. There will around 8 teams participating for the race. They will reach Kochi by December 3rd will stay for 10 days. Many of the hotels are full by now but there are places where you can stay You just have to contact the Kerala Yachting Association (KYA) . They are doing a fine job in bringing in people from various countries and finding them good places to stay. They are the one who is promoting the biggest event in India’s History. Kerala is one of the places you have to visit if you are a traveller I recommend you to visit while Volvo Race touches the Queen of Arabia. More details to come ,keep reading if you have doubts relating Volvo Race in Kochi please free to contact me.  

             You  may also visit the official site of cochin ocean race.

One Response to “Will YoU be there!!!! Volvo Race in Kochi”

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