Smart City [Kochi] :- A Boon or A Curse???

The project, if my memory is right was a result of  former Kerala CM  AK Antony’s  Global Investors Meet (GIM)..I remember those 7 day..We got holiday’s for that..Since then the project was hung in some papers and controversies  and a year ago the Project was finally signed by the LDF government..It gave hope to all the people in Kerala and others resided abroad..But even today after the stone laying ceremony nothing has begun!!!

The sad part is the people were relocated to a new place in order to start the construction of Smart City..But even after a year and half the project hasn’t even moved a centimeter. I hope it begins as soon as possible or else it will surely turn out a curse for Kerala..

It promises a lot of employment opportunities..I hope the eyes of the authorities concerned opens and the Project stats ASAP.

I think there should be a clause added by some law,which should state..”If the construction of a project do not begin in six months after signing of the contract the land should in this case be given back to the real owners.”

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