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Nationalism ?

August 19, 2017

The talk of nationalism baffles me to a great extent. We now live in a connected and open world. We work for firms spread across the globe. In spite of all this, the love for our country should come first. You never decided in which country to be born.  It was a mere coincidence. There was a time when I would think to fight for my country in times of war. Now I realize, wars are a result of propaganda decided by governments.

You are currently reading my post on a blog created by an American. You saw my post on Facebook, again created by an American.

You should be proud of them too. They have opened the world. I am sure you are thinking that we Indians also have made things to be proud of, yes I am proud of them too, even Patanjali. They have provided jobs to many, provided people with the opportunity to do business. Their ads boasts about nationalism and patriotism to attract customers. Their strategy is good.


Nationalism is defined as an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.  Do we really require that? Don’t we watch football matches played by clubs where players from different countries are part of? We even have an IPL that has the same concept. The Internet has helped us understand people from different countries. We are not so different; everyone needs food, shelter, and jobs. The basic needs are same all over the world.

When farmers are dying, we enforce flag hoisting ceremonies in schools, when children die, government orders celebrations. Governments spend their valuable time over debating over a movie, they even have time to bring an ordinance to ban a movie. Who are you trying to please?.

Kerala is one of the places in the world that has welcomed cultures around the globe. For some atrocities of a few men, a whole state is targeted. A surgical strike on a state? have we stooped so low that a state which considers everyone as equal gets targeted for petty political gains?. Visit Kerala, this is one the best places to live and express your feelings and release your movies.

Let’s start considering humanity first. We all are the global citizens of the world. When we start understanding the people instead of our governments, there will be peace on earth.


The Emerging Dreams of Kerala

September 12, 2012

It was about a decade ago under the leadership of Sri. A K Antony, then Chief Minister of Kerala; Kerala initiated her first investors meet. That meet did bring a lot of hopes to the educated unemployed youth and those youth serving others states of India for the want of better jobs in Kerala.  Sadly, the meet was an utter disaster , not even a single project brought under GIM has become a reality. Smart City, being the prime example.

Today marks another investors meet, Emerging Kerala, which aims at bringing at least 250000 crore worth investment to Kerala. The best bit of this meet is, the government has focused not just on IT sector but also other sectors such as Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure, Financial  and even Adventure Sports.

This should give lots of hope to the thousands who pass out from Engineering, Arts and Science, Commerce and Hospitality education institutes who even today look forward to other states to start their career.

With every projects in Kerala, comes a greater controversy, even this time Emerging Kerala had its share of controversy, mostly on projects based in Tourism sector. Controversies apart, shouldn’t the political parties join their hands together for the initiative which is likely to bring a million direct job prospects in a decade ?

Kerala being the state run by different political parties every 5 years have missed to capitalize on  IT boom in early 2000’s.  This is an another opportunity in front of the people who make policies, life’s of the citizens in Kerala.  Hope no one places a red flag before the emerging dreams of Kerala.




Kerala 2012-2013 Budget

March 19, 2012

In a word it’s just an ‘awesome’ budget.  Here’s the budget announcements in a glance.

–> Rs 100 crore for Agriculture

–> Rs 50 crore for Mullaperiyar Dam

–>Rs 5 crore for Vytilla Mobility Hub

–>Rs 150 crore for Kochi Metro Rail, construction to begin in 2013

–>Rs 20 crore for Mono rail in TVM and Kozhikode

–>Port Department gets 274 crores

–> A new company to analyse and solve traffic problem

–> Kochi Seaport -Airport road to be concreted.

–> Kinfra gets 100 crores

–>New Mobility Hubs at Thrissur and Kottayam

–>Rubber, plastic and concrete to be used in road construction

–>CIAL model company’s for public toilet across Kerala

–>Speed Boats for water transport

–>500 crore for Energy Department

–>5000 MW projects to be initiated

–>Orchid Garden at Iddukki

–> Muziris project gets Rs 5 crore

–> Green House in every pachayat. 45 crores earmarked

–>Air strips in all districts.

–> Munnar to get a new botanical garden

–> Japan drinking water project in Ernakulam

–> KSRTC to start city service across Kerala. Rs 125 crore allocated

–> Virinjam project gets Rs 224 crores

–>Smart classes to be implement across Kerala, at least one smart class in all government run schools

–> Global Education Meet to be held next year.

–>Academic City to be established to bring world education under one roof.

–>Knowledge city at Thodupuzha

–>IIT Palakad gets Rs 5 crore

–> Universities to get Rs 20 crore

–>Research scholarships for bright Engineering students.

–> Science city to be set up. Rs 50 lakhs allocated.

–>Malayalam University gets Rs 50 lakhs

–> Film City through PPP model at ottapalam. Rs 1 crore allocated

–>Freedom memorial at TVM

–>Edakal Cave gets Rs 50 crore

–>Tender  Coconut announced as the official drink.

–>Memorials to be set up for  K M Mathew, Sukumar Azhikode

–> Heritage Museum

–> Sports policy to be drafted.

–>Kozhikode gets an international stadium.

–> High Altitude center to get synthetic track

–>Peravoor gets an Indoor Stadium

–>Youth department to get an office.

–> 108 Ambulance project to be extended to all districts.

–>Kanur Airport gets Rs 50 crores

–>Wayanad districts gets a Medical College by 2013

–> PPP Medical college at Haripad

–>50 Homeo dispensaries

–>Rs 22 crore for RCC

–> School Health projects across all schools

–> Kuttanad package gets Rs 165 crore

–>Sabarimala gets Rs 25 crore for development projects

–> Kottayam to get Indian Institute of Mass Communication

–>Eight districts to get Women and Children hospital. Rs 35 crore allocated

–> Wages to be uniformed in TVM, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thrissur

–> Women ITI’s in four districts

–> Occupation Health Centre at Kollam

–> Coir village to be set up at Rs 10 crore cost.

–> Community college at tribal area

–> Rs 170 crore for Scheduled tribes marital purposes

–>RS 1000/month for people suffering from “Arival” disease in tribal areas of Wayanad

–> Health sector gets Rs 470 crore.

–> Nirdhaya project for women suffering from harassment.

–>Vayo Mithram projects to extended across Kerala

–> Cochlear implantation for all kids below 3 years.

–>Backward society gets Rs 32 crore for educational needs and scholorship

–>Rs 7500 Grant for recently enrolled Advocates for 500 students.

–>100 more Janamaithri police stations to be set up

–>Community policing gets Rs 25 crore

–>Rs 46 crores to reduce Cyber crimes

–> Fire Department to get new vehicles.

–> All pachayats to get KSFE branches in 3 years. KSFE to start gold loan


The list continues…..Hopefully at least some of it would be a reality 🙂


Smart City [Kochi] :- A Boon or A Curse???

April 11, 2009

The project, if my memory is right was a result of  former Kerala CM  AK Antony’s  Global Investors Meet (GIM)..I remember those 7 day..We got holiday’s for that..Since then the project was hung in some papers and controversies  and a year ago the Project was finally signed by the LDF government..It gave hope to all the people in Kerala and others resided abroad..But even today after the stone laying ceremony nothing has begun!!!

The sad part is the people were relocated to a new place in order to start the construction of Smart City..But even after a year and half the project hasn’t even moved a centimeter. I hope it begins as soon as possible or else it will surely turn out a curse for Kerala..

It promises a lot of employment opportunities..I hope the eyes of the authorities concerned opens and the Project stats ASAP.

I think there should be a clause added by some law,which should state..”If the construction of a project do not begin in six months after signing of the contract the land should in this case be given back to the real owners.”

Resul Pookutty..KERALA..wins OSCAR!!!

February 23, 2009


I Know…had to dedicate a post for him….He is from My sweet place Kerala ..Guys..Its time for the Malayalees to welcome him..He is the Hero of Kerala…Kerala has now conquered the OSCARS!!! Some thing that never came in a comon malayalees mind for decades untill he was nominated for OSCAR….Congrats Resul Congrats..You will remain for ever in our Hearts…Just minutes after the announcement the Chief Minister of Kerala has wished and said that..HE is  the PROUD of KERALA..

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