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LDF and their “Mandatharams”

March 13, 2015

I can’t stop laughing at the scenes at Kerala Assembly. I feel for those citizens who voted for these lunatics.  I was of the impression that bites were part of football or wrestling . What space does it have in an assembly where decisions are made for the welfare of people. To make matters worse, LDF announces Hartaal .It seems Hartaal has become the main weapon of protest and the worst.

They still don’t understand that the people watching them are not dumb but educated and informed citizens. Today only LDF has lost its face and not the minister who is accused of corruption.

When will LDF ever learn? images


A few points to #Indian Political Parties!!!

May 17, 2014
  1. Get rid of Mrs. Gandhi and Gandhi family, Congress need leaders not dynasty rulers.
  2. BJP, read The Hindu editorial; preserve the idea of India.
  3. Left, may be you should take a cue from China, welcome the corporate and the rich, everyone can co-exist in 21st Century.
  4. AAP, don’t let the defeat demoralize you, we need you to keep a check on national parties. Four is a good number.

What #elections2014 and #exitpolls convey!!!

May 13, 2014
  1. Firstly India is not a secular country. Most media houses have divided the votes on the basis of religion.
  2. Better the marketing used by political parties the better the chances of making the Government. Mr. Modi has occupied the screen space more than any Indian politician.
  3. Exit polls can be biased based on media’s likeliness of a particular political party. (Different channels different seat allocations for UPA and NDA)
  4. Congress will be a minority. Chances of UPA coming to power is not even in the dreams of Congress party workers. (Evident from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi organizing farewell party to Mr. Manmohan Singh and USA appointing diplomats known to favor Mr. Modi and BJP. Mr. Gandhi openly admitting that he will not support a third front)
  5. India will soon rise as a major power with aggressive intent for development and against terrorism.

P.S : What worries the Indians who consider India first before his/her religion is will BJP and NDA disrupt the peace existing in many parts of the country. Hopefully they will concentrate on development and not destruction.

Jai Hind.

Beware of #AamAadmi !!!

December 13, 2013

It won’t be long when the political parties in India will have to fear the common people. In spite of the debut victory of AAP, mainstream political parties are yet to learn the lessons. I can’t believe how dumb CPI (M) is, organizing protests in front of cliff house where CM resides and in his absence. No wonder we saw an “Aam Aadmi”  firing at the leaders who went speechless.

Today we see elected representatives of the Kerala legislative assembly belonging to the Congress party ignoring an elder woman.


Hello Politicians, beware of Aam Aadmi, we are taking stock of what you are up to, you won’t sit on that chair we gave you.
Listen to us or else you shall perish.

Never Fight Corruption!!!

April 3, 2013

I pity Ganesh who had to resign over household issues
I pity the CM for not listening to a woman’s plea
I pity the Chief Whip to have brought this issue to the media
I pity the source who published images of the brutal home assault on a minister
I pity the media for not supporting an able  minister
I pity the media for making a minister look worse than a laughing stock
I pity the police who didn’t file an FIR on time
I pity Ganesh’s father who doesn’t miss a chance to dethrone his child
I pity the opposition who makes fuses over personal matters
I pity the system which gives youth the wrong message
I pity the public for following the news everyday
I pity myself for even writing this!!!!
Never fight corruption, because the world will turn against you!!!


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