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The 10 KM Challenge

November 8, 2015

The Runners

Let me be honest, I never thought I could complete 10 km under 90 minutes. Half of the people in the picture have never walked 10 km in the nearest past. Except for a few who completed under 60 minutes, most of us took 75 to 85 minutes to complete the challenge .

Everyone had just one goal in their mind. To win that medal which required to complete the marathon under 90 minutes. It’s very strange when we have a destination/goal in our mind. Our mind and body pushes that extra inch to perform.  Something we lack in our day-to-day life.



That’s how you should Protest

April 5, 2015

Nokkukooli is no strange term for Keralites, even after banning the same, it still continues to harm the people in Kerala. The recent victim being an artist who had to destroy his art in protest.  This video will probably do the rounds in social media for a week and we will conveniently forget this ever happened and Nokkukooli will thrive unless we put an end to it. Let’s say no the next time the unions demands it. Perhaps post the video of the people demanding the same. Only continued protest can put to end to it.

#Cochin Half Marathon 2013

December 17, 2013

Excitement is what I always crave for, when the marathon was announced I thought I will give it a shot for the 7 km fun run.  Now 7 km is long, one has to practice a bit to know how tough it would be. I started practicing from yesterday attempting 3km / day and I planned to increase it by a km every day. Today I went for a longer distance not really knowing how much I will end up covering, when I looked at the google maps. I was in for a shock .

My Route

I was able to complete the 7 km mainly by walking , but I guess I jogged for at least half an hour , that might be half the distance. This is going to be my training route till the marathon. I hope before the race day I would be able to jog the complete route to and fro.

P.S: I can’t even walk properly. Taking the stairs is a nightmare.

The Hypocrite Environmentalist

June 5, 2013

There was times , when I would wait for the World Environment day to come so that I could participate in events vouching for environment protection. Looking back at those days I realize that I am a hypocrite.  May be . we all are ; we would talk on environment endlessly but forget to switch off a fan or light.

Today, world over, people would plant trees, take public transportation for a change, go for rallies, co-ordinate events and what not. I wonder if that would make a difference when we hardly care for environment for the next 364 days.

True environmentalist are those who care about their nearby surrounding every second. It’s not a World Environment Day which makes an impact but every second in your life . Let’s us strive to be a true environmentalist and not a hypocrite.

The new Library in Kochi !

May 26, 2011

Kochites have a reason to cheer, especially for those who spend time on reading. My friends, Romana Correya and Casey Nestor Fernandez has come up with an awesome library with some unique features.

a) You don’t have to visit the library. 

b) You can order books online.

c)You get the books delivered at your doorsteps 😀

d) You don’t have to pay any fine as long as you read the books within 3 months from the date of delivery.

e) You don’t have to pay any extra cost after you have registered with the library.

e) After you have read the books, you don’t have to think about dropping the books back to library, they will come and collect the books.

Isn’t that enough for you to smile 🙂 So why wait, get in touch with the owners of The Readers’ Web, or you can directly sign up here.

If you are an Facebook addict . They have a page for you to Like too. I know you don’t mind giving them a call at +91 80890 22387or mailing them @ read@26× to find more about the new venture.

You can also see me in their page receiving the first delivery 🙂 I hope you will  encourage their cause, Joys of Reading !

Thank you 🙂

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